You see the two people in this picture? Well they never imagined they would actually be here. Sure they dreamed of it, but never thought it would become a reality. And no, I'm not talking about sitting on the beach in Oak Island. I mean they never thought they would own an apparel company with hopes to impact the world. And to be honest, it's surreal.

In the beginning, it seemed like an irrational and bizarre idea. But the initial tugging at my heart was enough for me to somewhat jokingly mention it to my brother-in-law, Max, while on our family vacation. Max is very business oriented and I knew if nothing else, he would at least be able to give me some sound advice. Well, he was able to hold his excitement for all of about one day before telling me he wanted on board.

At this point, it was still just a far-fetched idea though. For months, Max heavily encouraged me to get things rolling and despite the fact God was clearly laying this on my heart, I chose to drag my feet. I tried telling God we were too small for this plan instead of letting Him remind us of how big He is. Eventually it became consuming and I surrendered.

From that point on, Max and I have actively pursued this calling and followed God's leading the best we can. It hasn't been easy and has most certainly been a learning experience for the two of us, but we know without a doubt The Good Neighbor is His will. We are humbled and grateful to be chosen for this opportunity and we can't wait to share what God has put on our hearts and watch to see how TGN impacts the world! #thegoodneighb